AZ Comisionaria Industrial, S.L is a Spanish company founded in Madrid, the 27th of September 1999 and registered with the Chamber of Commerce of the city.

AZ arise from the intuition of his actual administrator and  major shareholder, Giuseppe Rigoni, who due to the fact of living permanently in Spain during more than two decades, realized the need for the Italian manufacturing companies to have a trustful interlocutor able to solve all the issues related with the export of the industrial goods produced in Italy.

Over time, AZ activity has evolved to become a capital goods trading company with operations both in Spain and abroad.

Turnover has increased according to the utility and quality of the services provided to the Italian manufacturing companies

Nowadays AZ Comisionaria Industrial, S.L. is considered as a leader company for the commercialization and the structuring of capital goods transactions in Spain and Italy.

The turnover produced involves the necessity of applying strict management, administration and accounting procedures and necessarily a rigorous taxation that make AZ Comisionaria Industrial, S.L. a trustful, efficient and extremely qualified company.