AZ team offers to their clients, exporters and/or importers, consultancy and support for their international transactions. The experience gained in the last 20 years of activity backs us. Our clients are mid and major industries, multinationals and leasing companies that order AZ the purchase and sale of machinery and industrial plants essentially from selected Italian manufacturer companies.


AZ assists them in the export of their goods to international markets applying the solution that best suits with their financial trading needs.

We work with leader credit agencies to ease the access to financial trading and in collaboration with international and renowned prestige banks, we study finance solutions in middle and long term for buyers / foreign importers products.

Exports that take place through AZ ensure a payment for the exporter once all contract terms are fulfilled.


The advantages for the importer / foreign buyer who works with AZ Comisionaria Industrial, S.L. are mainly to obtain customized financial conditions and a potential invoice commercial discount.